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Polling on Twitter

There was an article published in the Business Day titled Diversity makes it tough to take the nation’s pulse. After reading, I thought, surely there must be a way?

We’d recently moved over to Google Apps for work. So I was keen to try out Google Forms and Sheets to see what could be done. So began the experiment.

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Church, State, and Party.

It is, however, essential that the separation between party and state is respected, and that state funds are not used to fund party political activity in any guise.”

– Athol Trollip, as Parliamentary Leader of the Democratic Alliance (2011)

A curious tweet appeared on my timeline the other day. Phumzile Van Damme, the DA’s spokesperson and a member of Parliament, expressed dismay that the ANC was “marching on itself”. She was commenting on the march to the Union Buildings which ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe would be leading.

To me, this was not an instance of the ANC marching on the ANC. Yes, the Union Buildings may be occupied by an ANC-led Government, but one has to recognise that despite this, the Union Buildings is ‘State’ and not ‘Party’. If the ANC truly were marching on itself, it would be marching to Luthuli House.

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Funding Free Higher Education

The purpose of this post is not to provided an exact funding model. What we want to do is to crunch some numbers, and determine if the funding of free higher education is even feasible.

If we crunched the numbers, and our funding model is nowhere near feasible, then we need to come up with some other way. It turns out, that we get incredibly good numbers. What we get is not technically “free” higher ed, but fees are fully subsidised essentially through taxes, where the student pays pack the money over the lifetime of their working career.

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Vision 2029

The Democratic Alliance (le DA), is currently punting “Vision 2029”. Where they want you to believe, that in 2029 (a National Election year), with your support, the DA can be in National Government.

So I thought: We know how much support (in number of votes) they had in 2014 (a National Election year), so to win in 2029, what would be the “average” growth needed to become the Majority Party?

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Cape Town Social Audit

Sanitation in Khayelitsha is politically controversial, with a lot of work being done on the area by both the City of Cape Town, and various civic organizations. A group of these, consisting of the Social Justice Coalition (SJC), Ndifuna Ukwazi (NU), residents of Khayelitsha and various other partners, conducted a ‘Social Audit’ of the state of sanitation in Khayelitsha. This blog entry is an analysis of some of the methods behind the audit.

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